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About Us / Company Profile

With more than 20 years of CNC Manufacturing and 10 years of Research & Development experiences, Jya-Yang Ltd. is confident to fulfill your needs and demands in various areas of service.

From a wide range of equipments (Multi-Functional Automatic Lathes, Versatile High Speed Mill/Drill Machines and CAM-Type Precision Lathes) to all kinds of Surface Treatment (Heat Treatment, Polishing, Sand Blasting, Honing and Anodizing etc), we provide a complete service without any hassle or risk looking for other suppliers in a competitive market and reduce your cost of manufacture management.

Throughout years of concentrating in precision OEM metal machining and manufacturing, during the past 10 years Jya-Yang started not just being an OEM manufacturer but also an ODM manufacturer and has since worked together with our customers, constantly in mind on developing creative products with competitive price

Thus, Jya-Yang has been successfully working with some of the most famous companies throughout the world in different industries, such as Kingman Spyder in the paintball industry.

Jya-Yang is also a well known manufacturer who specializes in developing and manufacturing paintball marker/gun, bicycle parts and pneumatics parts.

Have you any fascinate ideas? Have you powerful sales strength in your area or market? And yet have you difficulty sourcing a suitable manufacturer who can fulfill your goal? Jya-Yang will be always welcome you to contact us at any time.

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